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You’re responsible for all this Zombie Night Terror

Published On July 7, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

July 20th, NoClip and Gambitious Digital Entertainment will release Zombie Night Terror for Mac, PC and Linux. Why should you care? Because this is one of the few zombie games that puts you on the side of the zombies. All of them. In fact, the YouTube description bills the game as “Lemmings meets Night of the Living Dead.”

Ends up that eating all those brains doesn’t make one smarter. As such, zombies tend to just walk forward and fall into booby traps placed by humans, who are smarter than how they’re portrayed in movies and on TV.  So, if the zombies are to take over the world, they’ll need some help. From you. Because you’re weird like that.

Spread terror through 40 levels and enroll more zombies into your undead army. Along the way you’ll have to solve brain tingling puzzles and fight increasingly powerful foes that are hell-bent on staying alive. The closer you get to total world extinction, the harder survivors will fight to put you in the ground…for good. Blood, tears, non-sexual moans, inappropriate laughter, and tons of puzzles that will literally blow your brains out…this is Zombie Night Terror!

The stylized retro graphics add a nice touch, combining classic gaming with classic black and white horror cinema. And adding to the flair is a unique “mutation system” that allows you to create new types of zombies to help you overcome obstacles.

Zombie Night Terror will sell for $12.99 upon its release on July 20th, but if you get your preorder in before then at GOG or Steam, you can save $1.90. You may need that after the apocalypse when the Mint is no longer printing recognized currency.

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