You won’t believe where Super Dungeon Tactics gets its “exciting randomness”

Published On August 23, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

From dice. I’m telling you that up front because I don’t want you to think we’re resorting to click bait. But it’s worth clicking through because this upcoming turn-based RPG for Mac (and others)—which is at the top of our watch list for this fall—uses dice in a much more unique and strategic manner than we’ve seen.

Super Dungeon Tactics

The press release states that “… dice are a core mechanic that makes every round and repeated playthroughs feel like a new challenge!” More specifically…

Dice in Super Dungeon Tactics influence the flow of battle for heroes and enemies alike. At the start of each game round, both sides take turns assigning their dice results to their units. Each die contains two types of symbols – Boosts and Specials. Boosts come in four flavors for increased base damage, movement speed, damage resistance and HP. Specials come in three categories – Active, Passive and Skull – for new actionable and passive abilities, or in the unlucky case of Skull, support for enemies.

Many factors influence the favor of the dice in Super Dungeon Tactics. High-ranking enemies and hero equipment contribute to the die pool of possible results by swapping die sides with different symbols. Players must strategically consider their character options to affect the outcomes of battle and provide themselves with additional combat options.

It kind of sounds like one of my favorite board games as a kid, Strat-o-Matic Football. Along with the standard dice, there was a special die used to determine factors such as penalties, turnovers, etc. Here, though, the dynamic goes much deeper; you determine how the dice are to be used, rather than leaving the results up solely to fate and a set of pre-composed stat cards. As is explained at the Super Dungeon Tactics blog, “Every character has a base movement and attack power; dice allow for boosting stats or access to special abilities. These dice provide an insight into the overall feel for the round. This can provide an opportunity to push and attack or cause a little more caution.”

You should head on over there to learn more, including from where the dice come (in game).

If you haven’t yet learned just what Super Dungeon Tactics is, you can meet the heroes here at PAG or head over to for full details. The Steam Storefront is also live, with the game set to arrive this fall.

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