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Published On October 19, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

“As fans of classic turn-based strategy titles, we wanted to celebrate what we love about the genre while at the same time giving it something new…”

Well, that’s what we’re all about here Public Access Gaming…it’s right up there in our tag line! So, here’s the news of today’s release for X-Mercs, a turn-based strategy MMO for iPhone and iPad. I’m a fan of classic turn-based strategy games, too, but I differ from the from the folks at Game Insight in that I can do without the whole MMO thing. Thankfully, X-Mercs features a single-player component/narrative that will carry gamers across more than 80 missions, with more on the way.


As for that narrative:

Set on a future Earth afflicted by a spaceborne material, players control their own team of mercenaries that have been hired to dispatch the world’s many mutants created in the wake of a space-born substance that arrived alongside the comet Advin.

Whether you go with the multiplayer (which will involve co-op play before too long) or single player experience, you’ll be getting a game that has Game Insight boasting of their commitment to console-quality graphics and to keeping players engaged “for years to come.”

To begin your years-to-come journey, visit x-mercs.com or just head right over to the iTunes App Store. The initial step is free, but you’ll be running into some tolls along the way. One of writers is currently taking his turn with it, and we’ll have a full review up for you shortly.

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