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Published On November 11, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

One of the first reviews we ran here at Public Access Gaming was This War of Mine, a strategy survival game in which you play as a citizen trying to stay alive amidst the destruction of war. Bill Stiteler got caught up in the Mac version, grading it a solid A. And although the game has also been available for iPad since this summer, it has just now been enhanced for the smaller iPhone screen.

This War of Mine

Rather than smash everything down to iPhone size (which would make the game pretty much unplayable), developer 11 bit studios completely redesigned the interface to work on the smaller screen while continuing to deliver the game’s emotional impact.

To accommodate the smaller screen, 11 bit studios has completely redesigned the interface to work flawlessly on smartphones while faithfully delivering the same level of emotional engagement. The tablet experience has also been tweaked for those wanting to try it out on iPad.

And there’s more good news in that regard. With cloud saves, players can switch between the iPad and iPhone / iPod touch as necessity dictates.

But what exactly is This War of Mine about? In his review, Bill Stiteler described it thus:

I’d call This War of Mine a resource management game, but the resources are so unreliable that it’s really about managing the misery of your characters. Set during a civil war where there is no functioning government, and soldiers on both side shoot to kill, your band must work together to survive not just physically (by finding enough food) but mentally (by getting enough sleep, finding ways to relax, and responding to moral choices in the game).

Sound intriguing learn more at the iTunes App Store, and grab it while it’s on sale for $6.99 (50% off).

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