Total War comes to Warhammer this fall

Published On August 4, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

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No longer content to wage Total War across Europe or Japan, the Creative Assembly and Sega earlier this year released Total War: Warhammer for PC. And now, Feral Interactive has announced the Mac and Linux versions will arrive this fall. The fantasy strategy game, which “… unites two of the greatest names in gaming under one mighty banner,” combines turn-based empire building with colossal real-time battles as players strive to conquer all at the head of one of four mythic races.

The Total War series has thus far stuck with historical battles, as with Total War: Shogun 2, which I’ve only recently spent the proper amount of time on to appreciate all it has to offer. These are deep games of complex strategy and large time commitments, and they now take that to magical realms of grand high fantasy. Gigantic monsters, flying dragons, legendary heroes and regiments of nightmarish warriors all take their place on the bloody battlefields of Warhammer’s Old World.

And as you’d expect from a Total War series, one entry is not enough. Total War: Warhammer will deliver hundreds of hours of gameplay, and it’s only the first in an epic trilogy of titles; two further standalone installments and DLC will help to create the single largest Total War experience ever.

Sadly, that’s all the information we have on Feral’s release right now (pricing, system requirements and release date will come later), but we do at least have this…

If you want more details on Total War: Warhammer as you wait, head on over to

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