There’s a secret lair in Minion’s Paradise

Published On March 16, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

If there’s one thing gaming publishers love, it’s forcing movie characters into popular game genres for a quick buck, even when the fit makes no sense. Sometimes, though, both the peg and hole are round, and you end up with a movie tie-in that actually works. Such is the case Minions Paradise, in which you control an island full of Minions to help them do the things one must do on an island in order to…well, serve villains.

And with today’s update, your Minions can discover Professor Flux’s underground lair.

Minions Paradise

The update is free for you, but it’ll bring a lot of new work for your Minions. They’ll have to clear the land around the new volcano just to unlock the Lair, then help Professor Flux execute his master plan through new quests such as constructing the Mighty Magnet or Massive Drill.


Once you start harvesting the volcano’s lava, you’ll be able to create 9 new recipes including Lava Bombs, Nuclear Jalapenos, Hoverboards, Volcanic Bazookas, and more!

So, I guess there’s still one place where you can get your hands on a hoverboard.

Minions Paradise

All of this comes with new Minion Level-up Tokens for new abilities and outfits. Transform them with grass skirts, coconut bras and headdresses to unlock new boosts. Can’t always wear overalls when you’re trapped on a tropical island.

For more information about Minions Paradise, visit or just grab it now for free (with IAPs) in the iTunes App Store.

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