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Published On July 13, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

There may be myriad strategic RPGs available for mobile devices, but there can be only one Soul King. And today, Netmarble Games has announced that Soul King is now available worldwide, complete with over 300 stages and characters “featuring strong personality.”

soul king

In Soul King, RPG gamers will embark on missions to defeat evil and protect Moriatia. Two modes are available at launch:

  • In Story Mode, players can experience the epic Soul King tale and are rewarded for their efforts.
  • Adventure Mode, on the other hand, consists of 10 chapters that challenge players to defeat their enemies in unique combat situations. Upon completion of a chapter, players receive rewards and the opportunity to battle a boss for even greater benefits. In the Adventure Mode, players can also obtain Gold, Equipment, Items, and Heroes.

In addition, Soul King features:

  • Unique skill sets: Players can defeat their enemies using a variety of combat skills. Each Hero has two skills that will trigger specific actions depending on how the player utilizes each skill. Players can choose to use the skills automatically, but it is always more fun to be in control of the battle!
  • Skill customization: Players can build their own skills and even diversify the means of aggression by changing the order of skills and the way of combining the decks.
  • A special quest for Soul King: Each Soul King has an exclusive quest which leads the players to the exploration to untold stories and never-seen-before rewards.
  • Adventure preparation: In the adventurer’s shop, players can sell items gathered during their journey. They can access the General Shop, the Topaz Shop, the Ruby Shop, and the Wanderer’s Shop.
  • Colossal battles: In the Coliseum, players can compose their team and compete against other players. Players who receive high ranking and acquire a title will receive additional advantages during battles.
  • Soul Pieces: Heroes can also be summoned by collecting Soul Pieces. Players can gather pieces in the Story Mode and through battles in the Adventure Mode.
  • The Hall of Heroes: Here, Soul King players can see the list of the Heroes available for hiring. Gold, SoulStones and Diamonds must be used to recruit Heroes. Players can recruit heroes with gold up to five times per day. However, hiring via SoulStones can only be
    done once per day.
  • Daily Dungeons: In the Daily Dungeon players can acquire the tools necessary to evolve characters. Each Daily Dungeon will be opened on a different day and offer unique properties. The Material Dungeon provides the necessary tools for promotions. To gather these materials, players must raid and complete the Material Dungeon.

Soul King is available now for free with in-app purchases. For more information, visit

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