The Heroes of Order & Chaos are getting a makeover

Published On November 18, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Actually, it’s not just the heroes; so are the villains, the rocks, and the trees.

The “huge” update is not here yet, and we’re not entirely sure when it will be, but it’s worth reporting now because you can pre-register for the chance to win $15 worth of runes (the in-game currency) so you can buy this fancy new stuff.

In addition to the expected game balances and fixes, the update will feature:

  • A new look for the Arena
  • A smoother and more accessible Menu
  • Re-imagined Heroes
  • Additional features in our Spectator Mode (watch top players, which is surprisingly entertaining as well as helpful to newbies)
  • New heroes
  • A new server
  • A tournament series

For an example of how the new game will look compared to current version, Gameloft presented us with this:

Heroes of Order & Chaos

What do you think? Better? Certainly more colorful and stylized. You’ll get to play through it all soon enough, so make sure you head over to for your chance to grab that free loot.

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