The Banner Saga brings gaming back to the table

Published On November 6, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Gaming Talk

This is the kind of announcement that would warm the gaming cockles of my Viking heart, were I actually Viking. Stoic and MegaCon Games announced yesterday that the Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga Warbands is set to go live on Thursday, November 12th. The Banner Saga is, as I’m sure you all know, an award winning tactical RPG that graced the Mac and iOS devices, along with those other systems not relevant to our cause. The Banner Saga 2 is coming our way this winter, and now we also have The Banner Saga Warbands to which we can look forward.

The Banner Saga WarbandsThe interesting (and very cool) twist with this one is that The Banner Saga Warbands will be a miniatures board game. We’ve seen countless board games get their virtual counterparts, but it’s rare that games go the other way.

Stoic and MegaCon partnered with indie publisher Versus Evil late last year, and the game is now ready for its unveiling…albeit in a crowdfunding kind-of-way.

MegaCon Games has been designing the Banner Saga Warbands for close to a year. Working closely with Stoic, they have created a miniatures board game that captures the spirit of The Banner Saga where hard choices have serious consequences. These last couple of months the prototypes for the miniatures, boards and cards have been worked on and finalized. Now, they are geared up for the Kickstarter campaign where the teams hope to secure funding to go to manufacturing. Gamers can expect a high quality, beautifully crafted diceless board game experience with tactical skirmish combat.

I’m not always big on crowdfunding, but it looks like MegaCon has already put a lot of work into the project, so I’m excited to see what they have so far.

The Banner Saga Warbands

If you are too, you can visit to receive more information as it becomes available. I would also suggest you play The Banner Saga on Mac or iOS,

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