Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire launches August 31

Published On July 18, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh


This one certainly looks interesting. Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is a new tactical turn-based RPG from Whale Hammer Games, and it will launch on Steam on August 31, 2016. There’s no shortage of turn-based RPGs in development for the Mac these days, but Tahira stands out for a couple of unique reasons.

The first is that the princess is a hero this time, not the prize. Many RPGs allow you create female protagonist, but few scripted heroes are women. The second is that the entire story takes place over one night, pretty much in real time; most players will finish the game within 10 hours. Some may see that short duration as a negative, but done properly (and priced accordingly) it can provide a tight, engaging gaming experience that can be lost in longer games that sometimes meander.

Set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization, players guide Tahira, the 20-year-old princess of Avestan, on the most challenging night of her life as she fights to save her people from the genocidal Astral empire.

Players will control up to 20 characters at a time in large-scale battles, but guerilla warfare tactics are essential for survival, as the Astral Empire has a far greater number of soldiers than Tahira’s forces. Characters must utilize the environment to level the battlefield by stealthily approaching enemies, taking cover and knocking foes off cliffs and rooftops.

From the description, I’m reminded a bit of that old Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood game, although Tahira’s mix of “…the style of American comic books from the 90s with the work of Studio Ghibli” looks to have more in common with Banner Saga:

The environments and music of the game were inspired by the team’s travels in central Asia where they actually purchased many of the instruments used in the musical score.

But back to gameplay, every skirmish in Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire is an integral part of the story, serving to advance the plot. Battles take place in massive environments and will feature multiple stages that range from town defense to rescue missions.


For more information, visit www.tahiragame.com.


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