Survivor Play for Apple TV learns from Nintendo’s mistakes

Published On October 13, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, Apple TV

Remember when the Nintendo Wii was released and everyone was throwing their Wii Remotes through their plasma TVs and their friends’ jaw? As a result, it wasn’t long before Nintendo would release and include protective covers to save repair costs and friendships everywhere. In addition to cushioning the blow, they also helped to provide a better grip so that you weren’t accidentally releasing them in the first place. Griffin Technology is nipping this problem in the bud for Apple TV users with the announcement of the Survivor Play for Siri Remote.

Griffin Survivor Play

Siri Remote, of course, is the new motion-detecting remote for Apple TV which will factor into many of the system’s games. It’s designed specifically for gaming, offering a more comfortable grip and protection from impact, be it with the wall, the TV or someone’s head. The no-slip silicone surrounds and protects the back and edges of the remote, while the additional textured thickness provides a more natural hold.

Without having used one, we can imagine it’ll equate to the difference between a naked iPhone and one with a rubberized grip. But unlike with that iPhone, the extra bulk will be a benefit, not a hinderance. An no worries about functionality; Griffin promises the Survior Play will allow “… easy access to Siri Remote’s buttons, touchscreen, mic and Lightning charge port.”

The $19.99 Survivor Play is not yet available for preorder, but you can up for release notifications at

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