Step into to the Trolls: Crazy Party Forest…if you dare

Published On October 20, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

It’s kind of a mixed message we’re sending our kids, right? If a clown pops out of the woods and invites you inside, you’re supposed to run like hell. But if a Troll invites you into the Crazy Party Forest, then that’s nothing but nonstop fun?

Personally, I’m avoiding both, but if you want a gaming experience that will immerse you into “… a colorful vibrant world where Troll happiness keeps the village alive,” then Ubisoft is waiting just beyond the tree line, hand outstretched, creepy smile and all. Their new game for iOS and Android—Trolls: Crazy Party Forest—is a free-to-play village builder based on the upcoming animated film.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest allows gamers to do all kinds of things that would have me calling the police if they were my neighbors:

  • Build your own Troll village: Customize your happy village, grow and farm fantastical crops and goodies including colorful lollipops, sour strip candies and oversized berries. Enhance your forest with quirky critters that produce whimsical treats and hair products for the Trolls. Plus, unlock cozy new pod homes in various shapes and fun designs!
  • Collect and interact with movie Trolls & beyond: Complete unique Troll families with your favorite Trolls from the film: Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond, DJ Suki and more! Care for each individual Troll and level-up their incredible talents in dancing, DJing, yoga and more.
  • Throw awesome themed parties to attract new Trolls: Host the best parties around from events like bouncing beats, put your hair in the air, heat wave pool party and many more. Play exciting mini-games and impress your party guests to join your village.
  • Play and party with friends: Invite your friends and visit their party forest to receive daily rewards. Hire special guests from your friend’s Troll collection to amp up your crazy parties and share your prized in-game achievements with the whole Troll village.

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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