Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars needs a better trailer

Published On August 9, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

soul of heroes: empire wars

As a former semi-professional journalist now hobbyist, I’ve seen plenty of game trailers in my day. I usually watch them before reading a press release these days, as trailers give me a better feel for what the game is about.

That’s not the case with Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars.

This tactical RPG features real-time battles centered around the epic heroes you’ll collect and deploy to do this:

What exactly that is (beyond generic metal music), I’m not sure. The UI looks quite a bit different from similar games, and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, the trailer does little to show us just how it all works. So, let’s turn to the trusty old press release for details:

Published by Entermate and developed by PlayEarth, Soul of Heroes allows you to collect, customize, and equip your heroes with accessories to get your party ready for PvE combat – including a thrilling tactical mode. You can also gain access to the “Clan Battle System,” where server users from all over the world gather in one place to engage in fierce, strategic war. All four clans compete in guild-based contests to identify the best clan – developing war skills through cooperation and effective clan strategy. You can join a Clan Battle once a day! In addition to combat, players can explore a massive war-torn world and uncover unique backstories behind all heroes.

Well, so much for that. Perhaps the features listed in handy bullet-point format will finally clear it up:

  • Find and collect a variety of heroes: Create your own diverse party.
  • Help your heroes grow: Place heroes strategically during battle for speedy growth.
  • Battle your way: Participate in challenging events requiring varying combat styles.
  • Engage in combat worldwide: Battle together on the same server!
  • Explore the world: Discover the story behind our heroes and kingdom.
  • Fight in a thrilling tactical mode: Engage in real-time PvE combat.

Hey, that’s just a breakdown of the previous paragraph. It looks like if you want a good sample of just what Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars is you’ll have to download it and give it a try. It’s free, (with IAPs), and it’s not like the gameplay details matter, anyway; we know your interest in the game depends solely on the character art. There, we can help.

soul of heroes: empire wars


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