Smurfs Epic Run tries not to annoy on iOS

Published On January 15, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Now, listen, I hate the Smurfs as much as the rest of you. I watched enough of the cartoon show to know I hate it, and I watched enough of its trailer to know I’d hate the movie, too. But what I did like (surprisingly quite a bit, actually) was the old Smurfs Colecovision game. I also like Ubisoft. So when they announced yesterday they’ve released Smurfs Epic Run, I knew it’d be worth mentioning.

Smurfs Epic Run

The game is free, as most people just aren’t (and shouldn’t be) willing to pay for their Smurf action. Those who are can get their IAP fix. Either way, the 2D platformer features faithful, cartoony graphics, over 100 levels and more than 250 challenges to complete.

Inspired by Peyo, the creator of the Smurfs, the game’s storyline sees the evil Gargamel casting an evil fog spell to capture all the Smurfs. Players, who can play as their favorite Smurf and more than a dozen other famous & funny characters, must run away from the fog, journey through lush worlds, gather powerful magic artifacts and save all of their Smurfs friends to become the hero of the village.

“Play as their favorite Smurf?” There’s more than one? Aren’t they all just clones or something?

Players will also:

  • Discover and master each Smurf’s unique powers and equip them with companions, trinkets and powers-ups for awesome bonuses.
  • Enjoy tons of Smurfy game modes: Fly and dodge objects in the Exotic Levels with the Flying Smurf. Race and compete against your friends & the world in the Weekly Tournament. Collect stars to unlock and brave the mighty Bonus zones. Gather your team of Smurfs and enter the Epic Adventure: a zone full of dangers… and rewards.
  • Complete loads of Smurfy activities: Earn great prizes everyday by collecting Golden Keys, completing Papa Smurf’s Daily Missions or asking Farmer Smurf for his Good Deals. If you want even more, give the Wheel of Chance a spin or look out for Treasure Chests on the World Map.

If you’re still reading, good for you. You’re interested. Head on over to the iTunes App Store to download Smurfs Epic Run for free.

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