Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition available now for Mac

Published On April 5, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

Sleeping Dogs from Square Enix was originally released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2012, when it was pretty well received by fans and critics. None of those were Mac gamers, though, until now. Arriving fashionably late (and with plenty of party favors), Feral Interactive has announced that Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is now available for Mac on Steam and the Mac App Store.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

In Sleeping Dogs, you’ll play as streetwise cop and martial artist Wei Shen as you work both sides of the law to take down the city’s biggest Triad gang. I’m not entirely sure how one works both sides of the law without getting in trouble for the stuff on the bad side, unless that means you’re able to arrest yourself. I do know my brother-in-law cop would often speed through town because he knew he wouldn’t get in trouble for it, so maybe it’s that kind of thing. Or, perhaps it’s just that, as the press release says, “Undercover, the rules are different.”

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. As you’re waiting for your download to complete, here’s more to find out:

  • Make Hong Kong your stamping ground with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, which combines amped-up graphics with all the DLC ever released for the game.
  • Tear up an open-world metropolis with four pillars of gameplay: driving, free-running, shooting and hand-to-hand combat.
    Meet your objectives with speed and style by pushing glamorous sports cars, super-sleek speedboats and powerful motorbikes to their limits.
  • Hit the streets on foot to search neighborhoods for hidden objects, or go free-running over rooftops to chase down enemies.
  • Unleash extraordinary gunplay in explosive shootouts and eliminate rival gangsters with killer accuracy in classic Hong Kong cinematic slow-mo.
  • Execute jaw-dropping martial arts moves, chaining together kicks, leaps and blows to take out multiple rivals with deadly combos.
  • Use everything in the environment to your advantage – creative takedowns are the order of the day.
  • Engage with a huge cast of intriguing characters and uncover every conflict in a brilliant story of honor, loyalty and sacrifice.

It’s bullet-point number one that continues to be one of the best parts of Mac gaming. Yes, we often get games late, but we get them a bit cheaper and with DLC rolled into the initial purchase. That free DLC includes six additional missions and a ton of vehicles and outfits, many of which offer special buffs. Feral Interactive? We love you. Keep doing what you do.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is available now for $29.99 via Steam and the Mac App Store. It’s rated M because of, you know: blood, sex, guns…everything Hong Kong wasn’t when I was there a couple years ago. But maybe that’s my fault for only working one side of the law.

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