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Published On February 26, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Some people just prefer for their RPG adventures to be more on the casual side. And that’s cool. Not every adventure needs to involve cash up front and permadeath.

And this is why Netmarble Games Corp. has launched Mystic Kingdom, a casual tactical RPG with a fantasy storyline and over 200 stages of strategic battles.

In Mystic Kingdom, heroes from the kingdoms of Masha, Elle, and Hamir must form alliances or betray each other by waging wars in an effort to crown themselves king of the land. Netmarble invites players around the world to fight to restore the true King, Arthur, back to his rightful place on the throne and contest those who attempt to take it.

Arthur, really? Him again? What about this gal?

Mystic Kingdom

Available now, Mystic Kingdom features:

  • Six unique job types and over 50 characters with unique skills and personalities to collect and summon.
  • A diverse growth system with many choices; players can collect various materials to upgrade heroes, equipment, and skills to grow characters.
  • Simple, sophisticated strategy as players position heroes depending on jobs, type of skills, and leader skills. Players will also strategize team formation by finding the vulnerabilities in the enemy’s heroes and their formation.
  • Strategic battles in which the player can use the “leader skill” to deal a big blow to opponents. Using the proper skills at the right time will result in exciting battle sequences and can determine the outcome of battle.
  • More than 200 stages grounded on a great story. More game modes, including the PVP Dungeon, Guild Battles, Boss Battles, and Infinite Dungeons, appear as players progress through the stages. Players can also participate in Territorial Wars, which allows users to capture resources from one another.

Mystic Kingdom is now available for free, but with in-game purchase options. For more information, visit www.mobirum.com.

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