Review: UAG Plasma case for iPhone 6/7 and 6/7 Plus

Published On November 20, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

Truth be told, the last thing I expected after receiving my UAG Plasma for iPhone 7 Plus review unit was that my wife would want it for her 6s Plus. That’s not a comment on masculinity vs. femininity, it’s just that my wife personally tends to go for cases that have flowers or pictures of our children on them. The UAG Plasma has neither. It has thick, black rubber bumpers. It has large tactile buttons. It has rear skid pads. It’s bulky.

UAG Plasma

UAG, after all, is about protection. As such, the Plasma supports military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). The padding this requires makes for a tight fit in your pocket, but it means your phone is well protected in a purse, backpack, or anything else from which it could possibly take a tumble. The screen is exposed, but the case edges rise far enough above it to help prevent disaster should the phone land screen down. And despite this bulk, the Plasma doesn’t add much weight to the phone.

UAG Plasma

What surprises me, though, is how good the case looks on the iPhone; the masculine design doesn’t clobber the iPhone’s natural appeal. Available in ice (clear, pictured here), ash (dark gray), and citron (a rather slick looking green), the textured, transparent material lets the iPhone’s natural color and Apple logo show through, to an extent; the Apple logo is obscured a bit by the “target” layout, and the citron model (pictured below) may not look right with the gold or rose gold models.

UAG Plasma

Same for the magma (red) and cobalt (blue) models which aren’t available in Plus sizes.

UAG promotes Plasma compatibility with the the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, meaning the headphone port is there even if you don’t need it with the 7, and the camera cut is wide enough to accommodate both models. Beyond that, the fit is good, the protected buttons are responsive, and it was easier than expected to get the case on and off.

UAG Plasma

For gaming purposes, the Plasma’s best feature may be the grip, as it’s quite comfortable to hold. The edges come up a bit further than I normally like for precise screen tapping and swiping, but that’s a fair price to pay with a case the provides this must protection. And going back to the design for a moment, the Plasma just looks right when playing racing games or military/space shooters.

Again, though, my wife is playing none of those. She plays Candy Crush, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t understand that, but I do understand why she made me give her back the Plasma after my review period was finished.

So Here It Is

Urban Armor Gear’s Plasma case offers outstanding protection while still allowing your iPhone to be itself. Bulky but lightweight, protective but slickly designed, it’s a solid option for gamers of all types. Extra bonus if you need a case now for your iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and would rather not buy a new one when it comes time to get that 7 upgrade.

Provides: Military drop-test standards iPhone protection
Developer: UAG
Compatibility: iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now at

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