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Published On October 25, 2017 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

OTop Gear Road TripK Julia, listen up; from the fanatic Finns at Motorious Entertainment we present Top Gear Road Trip. For anyone who has been a fan of Top Gear I am sad to report the only familiar “face” in this game is The Stig. Don’t worry too much; some of the antics we enjoyed with Clarkson, May, and Hammond are still here, including flying a Robin, foodstuffs in tailpipes, and dropping a piano on a car (you don’t get to drop them on a Morris Marina, though).

Top Gear Road Trip involves matching colors on a grid to accelerate your car in a road race. The longer the strings of colored orbs you can match, the faster you go. You only have a limited number of orbs to match per race, so make your strings count. As you move up through game levels, you will need a faster car so save your gears for upgrades. If your car’s rating is close to or lower than the recommended rating for a level, you will find that getting small strings of orbs (3 or 4) will actually move your position further back in the pack. If there are special orbs on the grid (these are indicated by a highlighted ring around the orb) try to pair them if possible as this gets you an extra boost of speed.

There is the standard upgrade scheme so you can improve and advance.  The orb drops are random, so sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw and there is no way to win—just be ready to play the round again.

Top Gear Road TripThe graphics are OK and the soundtrack is not bad.  You don’t get to “drive” any “real” cars, but some of the body styles will be on the familiar side for car enthusiasts.

So Here It Is:

Top Gear Road Trip isn’t bad, but when I saw the Top Gear name I thought it might entail driving a car. Nope, it’s matching colored dots, which is pretty simple to control on the small format of an iPhone. The game is a free to play with optional purchases, but don’t let that deter you; it’s worth checking out for a bit of diversionary fun.

Genre: Matching
Seller: Motorious Entertainement
Requirements: iOS 9.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store

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