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Published On October 16, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

All right Red Dwarf fans, we now have our own game! From the nice folks at Baby Cow Productions comes a little adventure with our old friends Lister, Cat, Kryten, and (I suppose he’s a “friend,” too) Rimmer. I guess I watched way too much PBS as s kid, but this did have the benefit of turning me into a bit of and Anglophile (if you have never partaken of the variety of shows on offer by the BBC, I would encourage you to do so; there is much more than just Top Gear and some of it is ROTFLOL). Red Dwarf is a bit like a twisted Big Bang Theory in space, only a bit goofier.

Hold On To Your Vindaloo…

Now we have Red Dwarf XI: The Game. In it, you get to pilot Starbug, meet new alien friends, blow up asteroids, answer some science trivia questions, and try to get Rimmer out of captivity on an alien ship (as much as you, and Cat, might want to leave him…).

Red Dwarf XI: The Game

The game controls have been kept very simple. When you are piloting Starbug and trying to scan a ship, you need to blast asteroids before they run into you. To do this, simply tap the screen on the asteroid you want to blast and Starbug will fire at it. The only problem I have with this is the game keeps Starbug centered on the screen—where most of the asteroids are when they become targets—and you have to put your finger over all the action to play. On an iPad, this isn’t so bad. On the iPhone screen, your finger covers a bit too much of the action.

Red Dwarf XI: The Game


The next big thing is to get Rimmer out of captivity, which means Ace has to sneak around and not get caught. Then he has to use a bazookoid to shoot his way past some guards. For this part, timing is key; the aiming reticle swings back and forth and you have to tap it when it is over the baddies. To move forward, all you have to do is touch the screen (lift your finger and Rimmer stops). To turn to the left, simply swipe your finger to the left (opposite for right). The one thing you can’t do is go backwards, so be careful to collect all the energy points on the way.

Red Dwarf XI: The Game

With the first update, the developers added some extra health points you can pick up along the way (good addition).

Later in the game you get to answer some science trivia questions. Most of them are rated nerd easy, but there was even one I didn’t know offhand (post your guess as to which question in the comments are below and I will freely admit it). By the way…like most tests in school, this part of the game is multiple choice.

One extra note; I just got the second update notice, and the “what’s new” section mentions a couple fixes regarding play difficulty and the asteroid thing, so props to the developers for taking some early user input and working on making the game better.

So Here it Is

You get a variety of tasks to perform, plenty of fun snark from the crew, and a few spoilers from Twentica (the game starts with this—you’ve been warned). Most of the game is very challenging, but like the show, it’s just about having some fun. Red Dwarf XI: The Game feels a bit short, but for fans of the show it entertains and leaves you wanting more.

Genre: Arcade/action, quiz
Seller: UKTV Interactive, Ltd.
Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: $0.99 (50% off at press time)
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store

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