Review: Moshi Mythro Air wireless headphones

Published On December 21, 2016 | By Aaron Kraus | Accessories, Reviews

Gaming is one of the few places where being wired still has an advantage—wireless mice and controllers can’t tolerate any lag at all. Bluetooth audio, however, has advanced to the point where sync issues are a thing of the past, and Moshi’s latest Bluetooth headphones are worthy of a look if you want to cut the cord without losing any impact while gaming.

Moshi Mythro Air

Comfortable Fit

Moshi’s designed the Mythro Air to be perfect for use at a desk, with easy-to-secure earbuds and a magnetic clip system that lets you attach the battery pack to the collar of your shirt (or drawstring of your hoodie). These aren’t ideal for active sports, but if you’re more stationary the lightweight system is perfect; it stays in place when you’re listening, but easily detaches when you want to get up and go. I used the Mythro Air on a roundtrip flight over the U.S. and found them to be excellent at not only helping to block the noise of jet engines, but also capable of staying in place comfortably even in coach!

Comfortable Power

Mythro AirDepending on volume level, I got around 8 hours of use from the Mythro Air, which should be plenty for even extended gaming sessions. The default setting does not power the headphones off automatically after a set period of inactivity, but you can use the Moshi Bluetooth app to configure this. You can also use the same app to change equalizer settings (independent of source). There are pre-built EQ settings, which include a Bass Boost mode that makes gaming quite impactful, or manual control if you want a tailored sound.


Comfortable Sound

Speaking of the sound, gaming headphones have a pretty high bar. They need to be comfortable for extended wear, which the Mythro Air is, but also deliver great sound. Moshi delivers in that area as well, with bass that’s punchy but not overbearing and a soundstage that’s expansive. Running through a field of zombies/psychos/other video game tropes is realistic, and the built in mic lends itself well to multiplayer gaming setups. The inline three button mic is one of the best I’ve ever used, with a unique ridged design that makes identifying the buttons ridiculously easy.

So Here It Is

Moshi has priced the Mythro Air at $69.95, and they’re available in a variety of colors from the Moshi Store. With the impending death of the headphone jack, we recommend these for yourself or as a gift to the iPhone gamer in your life!

Provides: In-ear, wireless bluetooth audio
Developer: Moshi
Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1
Price: $69.95
Availability: Now at Moshi’s online store

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