Review: Moshi iVisor Glass screen protector for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Published On April 3, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, iPhone/iPad, Reviews

It was almost exactly a year ago that I reviewed the Moshi iVisor Glass screen protector for a previous writing gig. I loved it then for my iPhone 6, giving it an A rating and praising its easy, bubble-free installation and the way it hugs the curves of the iPhone 6 screen.

So, why review it again here for Public Access Gaming? Because I want to hammer home how great the iVisor Glass is for gamers.

Moshi iVisor Glass

First, allow me to pull some basics from the previous review:

… let’s talk about getting the iVisor Glass on your phone. You’ll use the microfiber cloth to clean away any fingerprints and dust (Moshi advises you to not use cleaning solvents), then you’ll peel away the iVisor’s backside film. At this point, you’ll see the adhesives to hold the iVisor in place are around the very edges. This means the glass doesn’t adhere to the screen itself, which is why you don’t get bubbles.

Placing the iVisor Glass is pretty simple, as the edge to edge coverage means you can start at the edges, not some random point on the screen. If you don’t get good alignment, you can use the suction cup to raise it from the iPhone, then try again.

You’ll notice from the photos of this new installation on the iPhone 6 Plus (review unit provided by Moshi) that although the iVisor Glass does reach over the screen curve, it doesn’t reach all the way to edge of the glass.

Moshi iVisor Glass

My previous review drew angry comments about this, as some people claimed the visor edge was sharp (it’s not) and that it collects dust (it does). However, there’s one big advantage to this, which is that it allows you to use the iVisor Glass with many screen protectors. If it stretched to the edge of the glass, it would come into conflict with cases that reach up past the glass. As it stands, your case may still work and will cover the “sharp” feel of the iVisor.

Once in place, the shock-proof, “atomically-strengthened IonGlass™” of iVisor Glass provides impressive scratch resistance with only a very, very slight dimming of your iPhone screen’s brightness.

Perhaps most important to iPhone gamers, however, is the touch sensitivity, and you’ve got nothing to worry about there. No taps or swipes went unregistered when playing games, be they casual or more intricate affairs. In fact, the surface of the iVisor Glass is a bit more slick than the iPhone glass itself; there seems to be less resistance, making your swipes even smoother.

One other unique feature to the iVisor Glass is that it can be removed, stored, and reused. Because the adhesives are on the edges, not on the screen itself, it’s easy to remove using the included suction cup and stored in its original packet.

Moshi iVisor Glass

When you’re ready to reuse it, just take it out and put it back on (you’ll likely want to use some dust removal tape, though, which is not included).

iPhone users have plenty of screen protection options. You’ll always want to avoid the cheap stuff, as bubbles and dust specs aren’t exactly conducive to the gaming experience. There are some solid glass options out there, but again, you don’t want one that doesn’t cover the whole screen; if the protection ends before the screen curve, you’re going to feel that while playing your game (and it looks really bad, too). So, if you’re looking for a glass protector that stays out of your way when gaming—both physically and visually—Moshi’s iVisor Glass screen protector is still one of the best options available.

Provides: Scratch/shock protection for your iPhone screen
Developer: Moshi
Compatibility: iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus (also available for iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE)
Price: $39.95 to $44.95
Availability: Now at
Grade: A

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