Review: Moshi iGlaze Ion battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Published On December 22, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, iPhone/iPad, Reviews

Getting right to the point, there are two situations in which iPhone gamers may find themselves in need of extra power. First, after a day’s worth of use, your battery is drained just when you’re finally able to get in some game time. Second, you’ve got one of those iOS games (and there are many now) that you can play for a couple hours straight, and you’re not ready to quit when your iPhone is. A battery case is great for such instances, but it helps when the case is a fantastic option even when you don’t need that power. That’s why we’re telling you about the Moshi iGlaze Ion battery case for iPhone 6/6s.

Moshi iGlaze Ion for iPhone 6

I’d actually like to ignore the battery power for a moment, as Moshi makes that easy to do. The iGlaze Ion begins as a more standard iGlaze product, and the iGlaze is one of the best iPhone cases around. Slick looking, easy to put on and remove, and comfortable hold, the iGlaze cases protect your iPhone with an elegance befitting Apple products. The iGlaze Ion carries over most of iGlaze family’s characteristics, adding a couple minor improvements of note to iPhone gamers.

First, the lip surrounding the screen isn’t quite as wide, so it doesn’t interfere with your tapping and swiping. I also like that edge wrapping is thin enough that you can dock your iPhone 6 with many third-party accessories even when the iGlaze Ion is on. The Lightning port cut-out is wide enough to handle pretty much any Lightning cable you want to plug into it, and even if the headphone port isn’t able to accommodate your headphones (it worked with all of the ones I tested), Moshi includes an adapter to handle the battery pack. I’ll have more on that later, I just want you to know now that once the iGlaze Ion is on your phone, there’s little need to take it off.

Functionally, the Sleep/Wake button is very responsive, whereas the volume buttons are a bit more rigid than I’d like. Also, the opening for the mute switch is tighter than it needs to be, and can be awkward to access.

Moshi iGlaze Ion for iPhone 6

Now, for the battery. When you need the extra power, you can simply slide on the detachable 2,750 mAh battery pack to basically double your battery life. Easy on, easy off, and the battery pack looks as great as the case itself. It doubles the depth of your iPhone and adds some length to the bottom, as well, but this actually makes the whole kit easier to hold while gaming (or, you know, for whatever else you may use your iPhone).

Moshi iGlaze Ion for iPhone 6

As I mentioned above, that extra bulk at the bottom of the iGlaze Ion complicates access to the headphone and Lightning ports, so Moshi includes a headphone adapter and a Lightning cable that are guaranteed to fit.

The back of the slide-on battery includes an LED indicator to let you know how much battery remains and when it’s fully charged. And with support for 2.1 A fast charging, getting there doesn’t take long.

Moshi iGlaze Ion for iPhone 6

About the only real drawbacks to the iGlaze Ion—and these are very minor—are that it’s only available in two colors (brushed titanium and steel black) and that the grooves on the back of the case to help align and hold the slide-on battery feel a bit uncomfortable to hold. Also, as you’d expect from a battery case, the extra bulk may make it difficult to fit your iPhone where you’d normally place it for travel, be that in your pants pocket or a specifically sized pouch in your laptop bag or backpack. Of course, you can always skirt that issue by simply keeping the case and the battery separated until you need them together.

For my use, the iGlaze Ion has become my permanent case solution. Truthfully, I don’t need to use the battery that often, but I love having it handy when I do. And when I don’t, I’ve got an attractive, thin, and highly protective case doing its job. Moshi’s iGlaze Ion is a perfect combo.

Provides: Scratch/scuff/impact protection and 2x battery life
Developer: Moshi
Compatibility: iPhone 6/6s
Price: $99.95
Availability: Now at
Grade: A

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