Review: Moshi Armour case for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Published On July 26, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, iPhone/iPad, Reviews

And here we have my favorite iPhone 7 Plus case to date. It’s not unexpected, considering what a fan I am of Moshi and of shiny things, but the reasons for go beyond that.

Moshi, of course, knows a thing or two about stylish protection. They’ve been releasing iPhone accessories for years, and they have their designs down to a science that’s as fashionable as science can be. A prime example of this is the latest in their Armour series, updated for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Moshi provided us with the crimson red sample unit pictured below, and it breaks my heart to tell you it’s out of stock at press time.

Moshi Armour iPhone 7 Plus


Thankfully, other colors are available, and you’re bound to find an option that matches the color of your iPhone. The crimson red model is designed to go with Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, but I love the way it looks on my matte black version. I would love to see Moshi once again embrace richer, deeper hues like this red, as opposed to the softer pastel colors they’re using these days.

Of course, color is more of a fashion thing than a gaming thing, so let’s move on to the construction and functionality of the Armour. First—unlike the Kameleon and Overture cases from Moshi—the Armour doesn’t come with any fancy accessories that could help/hinder the mobile gamer; you simply get the case and the protection it provides. The benefit to this is that the Armour is a bit slimmer than many of Moshi’s other options, providing a comfortable grip that doesn’t get in the way of screen access. Although the edges of the case rise a bit above the screen for protection, the lips stay out of the way.

Moshi Armour iPhone 7 Plus

In addition, the soft material of the upper portion of the edges pulls back easily around your phone’s buttons for easy placement and removal. The volume and sleep/wake buttons are fully protected but remain responsive and “clicky.” All ports remain open and easily accessible, with openings wide enough to dock with many third-party accessories with the case on.

Moshi Armour iPhone 7 Plus

The aluminum metallic backplate and the softer inner material combine to provide military-grade drop-protection (MIL-STD-810G, SGS-certified), absorbing the shock of typical mishaps. There are cases out there that offer better protection, but you pay for that in bulk. The Armour manages to find a nice balance between ample protection and minimal coverage. Of course, it’s better to not drop your phone and all, and whereas the aluminum backing of the Armour is fairly slick, the softer material of the edges provides a tackier grip for gaming sessions (or whatever else you do with your phone).

So Here It Is

For the hardcore mobile gamers out there (and yes, we do exist), Moshi has iPhone case options that provide better features. Unfortunately, these features can sometimes get in the way of standard use. By focusing the Armour more on protection with a minimalist, accessory-free design, Moshi has given us a case that provides an iPhone experience closer to what Apple intended, no matter how you use it most.

Provides: Military-grade drop and scratch/scuff protection
Developer: Moshi
Compatibility: iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
Price: iPhone 7 – $39.95; iPhone Plus – $44.95 (also available for iPhone 5/5S/SE, iPhone 6/6S, and iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus)
Availability: Now at

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