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Published On October 31, 2016 | By Paul Gazella | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

The Great Callasian War rages across the land. Choose your faction. Raise a grand army. Awaken your heroes. Form alliances and crush the enemy! These challenges await you in Legends of Callasia from Boomzap.

Another RPG? Not So Fast…

Legends of Callasia is a turn based RPG fantasy game that plays more like a board game. You have land tiles that are either occupied by your faction, your enemy or an ally, or are unclaimed by anyone. You have the opportunity to build your faction by creating villages and fortifications, and cultivating by resources to fund your armies and territory. You can then move to conquer the lands of the enemy to win the campaign. You gain cards to use to strengthen your cities or to aid your forces as they engage the enemy.

Legends of Callasia

The game can be played in solo mode with over 40 hours of gameplay, or you can go head to head against up to seven additional players in over 30 different multiplayer maps. Your friends can also be on other devices, as this game can be played from an iPad (running iOS 6.1 or later), Mac and PC (via Steam).

Legends of Callasia is free to download from the AppStore which will allow you to run the tutorial, play a starter campaign for each faction, and fight across three maps in multiplayer action. To unlock the game and have access to all maps and campaigns, there’s a one time IAP of $14.99. It’s nice to see a one time purchase option and not get bothered by constant in-app offers which would only detract from gameplay.

Assemble the Troops

At the start, you’ll pick a faction and campaign to play. You will then begin your journey on a map showing the land that you own, the land of your enemy, the land of other factions (possible allies?), and all unclaimed territories.

Legends of Callasia

Build towers to protect your land. Assemble troops and awaken heroes to lead them into battle. Take over unclaimed territory to claim as your own. Move into enemy space to battle and conquer. Make sure to leave some troops behind to defend from attacks on your territory!


The fighting is played out for you. Before moving into occupied space of the enemy, you can check on predictions of the outcome to determine if you have what it takes to win. During the fight phase, you will see ranged attacks followed by melee attacks. At the end of the turn it will be determined if there’s more to do in the next round or if victory can be declared.

Legends of Callasia

You will earn cards to use throughout the game. These are cards that can be applied to your faction’s occupied land to increase productivity (cash to buy more troops and build more). The cards can also be played onto lands where your army is engaged in fighting, and can help protect your side or add additional damage to the other side during the attack.

Victory Awaits!

You will continue on your conquest across the land until you have defeated the enemy’s stronghold. In some cases, you may form an alliance with other factions to join forces in completing the mission.

Legends of Callasia

It’s a game of challenge and planning to make sure you have the strength and resources to take out the opponent.

So Here It Is

Legends of Callasia by Boomzap plays well on the iPad. The graphics are good and mimic the style of table top RPG games. Decent themed audio to go with play too. This is a game to keep your interest if turn based games are your thing.


Genre: Turned-based strategy/RPG
Seller: Boomzap Entertainment
Requirements: iOS 6.1 or later
Compatibility: iPad
Price: Free download; $14.99 to unlock full version
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store

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