Review: Kicker EB300 Bluetooth earbuds

Published On October 8, 2016 | By Aaron Kraus | Accessories, Reviews

Bluetooth headphones must pull off a rather complicated balancing act. They need to be lightweight and comfortable, and need to have great battery life to make them useful. Kicker has combined these elements into the EB300, delivering a set of earbuds that perfectly blend a comfortable fit and remarkable sound.


Defying Gravity

One of the biggest drawbacks to Bluetooth earbuds is the need for them to have a battery and connecting cables. Both of these add weight, making the earbuds more prone to slipping out of your ears—especially if you wear them while working out. Kicker’s design includes a flexible over ear cable design, which means these headphones stay firmly in place whether you’re sitting at a desk or taking them out on a jog. The cable design is slim and infinitely flexible, so you can easily move it around if you wear a hat or glasses.


Kicker’s good design sense extends beyond just comfort. The buttons are extremely easy to use; each button’s function is embossed and well-spaced, making it easy to locate the volume up/down and pause/play buttons. The sound feedback is also great, letting you know when the earbuds power up, pair or power down, and even when the battery is running out of juice.

Sound Off

The EB300’s unique design offers more than just comfort. These are some truly incredible sounding earbuds, and once you find the right fit that delivers perfect sound, they stay there. One caveat to achieving that perfect sound is that the silicon tips make a huge difference. Take some time to find the right ones, especially if you want proper bass reproduction.


Kicker’s sound profile for the EB 300 is modern and punchy. These are the kind of earbuds with which you listen to dance music or play first person shooters, reveling in their accurate reproduction of a pulsing bass line or casual explosions. I tested a variety of music—including new releases by Coyote Kisses—and a few hours of retro Borderlands 2 play. Sound reproduction was accurate, with smooth mids, excellent vocals and dialogue, and bass that was a real kicker.

So Here It Is

Due to the lightweight design, it was easy to forget I even had headphones on. Kicker’s use of Bluetooth 4.1 ensured long lasting battery life and zero lag, so gameplay and movie audio was never out of sync with the action. For cord free convenience and daily use, the Kick EB300s are a fantastic choice.

Provides: In-ear, wireless bluetooth audio
Developer: Kicker
Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1
Price: $79.95
Availability: Now at Kicker’s online store

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