Review: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast for iOS

Published On July 19, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

We now have a game where you can throw horns, bang your head, and turn it up to eleven. Welcome to Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast.

Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast

It was easy for our Editor in Chief to assign this games to me as I’m the Maiden fan amongst us. As it happens, I am actually listening to Fear of the Dark as I’m typing this sentence (happenstance yes, but apropos nonetheless). Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast provides one of the coolest soundtracks around, featuring “… rare, previously unheard live recordings of Iron Maiden classics adapted for the game under the close scrutiny of bassist and founding member Steve Harris.” The music is played sans vocals to provide the background sounds (including some cymbal crashes for hits scored on the enemy). All things considered, nice!

Now that we’re done with our metal appreciation moment, let’s talk about the game itself. You get to play the part of the most patriotic undead Brit I’ve ever seen: Eddie. To start the game, you are the long haired, jeans-and-leather-jacket-clad version. You get three kinds of attack:  primary (jumping punch), stun, and special (chain whip). You also get a couple companions to help you in your quest to recover the shards of your soul.

Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast offers plenty of the obligatory activities: collect gold and Ironite, upgrade your skills, create new allies, upgrade your character, etc. The game also allows you to connect online with your friends and use them in your fight against, well, forces even darker than you. By the way, don’t worry about getting lost in the game—the narrator/guide will help you along. Yes, her character is called the Clairvoyant (insert cheeky grin here).

Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast

The game’s plot is simple and the enemies are only moderately creative. The graphics are OK, but fairly basic; most of the visual elements are taken from Iron Maiden music or imagery over the years.  t may not be the most stellar game visually, but it isn’t bad, especially considering it’s a vehicle for a metal band and their music.

Gameplay does require some strategy—which allies to bring along, which opponent to hit first (there are usually three), when to use your special attacks, etc. All the standard elements are there. The actual execution of an attack is a two step process: select the type of attack then tap at the right moment to try to get the most out of the attack. There will be a circle under your target which doesn’t move and a larger circle which is shrinking. Tap the target when the two circles are the same size and your attack will do more damage.

The free download features four worlds (number five is “coming soon”), each with about seven levels and each level made of three battles (warm up, harder, boss). The game will even show you there is a secret level you can access—that is, if you get three skulls on all the battles in that particular world. This feature—coupled with the usual upgrade routine and the killer soundtrack—should be enough to keep you playing until you win everything there is to win in the game.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast isn’t the best game out there, but it is a good game and I’ll probably keep playing for a while just to see what’s in the secret level. Besides, the game is currently available at the iTunes store for the bargain price of free (with in-app purchases). Rock on, Maiden fans!

Genre: Turn-based strategy
Seller: Roadhouse Games, Ltd.
Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store
Grade: B

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