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Published On February 26, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, Reviews

Just Mobile HeadStand Avant

“A headphone stand? For gamers? Now you’re just being esoteric, Hiner.”

Okay, first of all, I appreciate the usage of “esoteric.” Secondly, I’ve had this debate with others in my tech travels, and my stance remains the same; if you have a desk full of accessories, you need a place to store those accessories that keeps things tidy but within reach. Even Mac gamers can no longer get by with just the keyboard and mouse, and headphones have become almost as important to the experience as a gamepad.

Just Mobile HeadStand AvantWhat’s more, gamers aren’t using easily stored compact in-ear headphones or (gasp!) Apple AirPods. They’re using on- or over-ear cans—likely with a built-in microphone—and those take up space. The best way to keep them within reach but out of the way when you’re not using them is with a stand, and the HeadStand Avant from Just Mobile is a great way to do it.

The HeadStand Avant stands about 11 inches high, keeping even larger headphones well above the desk. I tested my developer-provided review unit with my Polk Hinge Wireless (pictured here) and my heavier Blue Mo-Fis, and the HeadStand Avant had no trouble lifting and balancing either set.

Just Mobile is asking $39.95 for this accessory, and they justify it with quality and design. Available in black and silver, both models feature solid aluminum construction and a brushed base that looks natural sitting near your iMac or MacBook. The unit is very easy to assemble and looks like one solid piece when complete. It feels that way, too, with no wobble between the attached parts.

Just Mobile also still offers the original HeadStand at a slightly higher price and with the ability to wrap your headphone cable under the stand, but that unit is slightly clunkier and isn’t quite as tall. Considering the industry’s move towards wireless, the HeadStand Avant is the better way to go.

So Here It Is

Now, I’m not asking you to justify spending $40 on an accessory that literally does nothing more than hang your headphones above your desk. If you look at this and find it unnecessary, okay. That’s fine. But if you can justify it—if you’re…well, we’ll say fastidious like me and want to keep your work and gaming area tidy—then the Just Mobile HeadStand Avant is a sturdy, attractive piece of kit that you’ll appreciate having within reach.

Provides: Desktop headphone support
Developer: Just Mobile
Compatibility: On- or over-ear headphones with a maximum height of 9.8in/25cm.
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now at Just Mobile’s online store

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