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Published On February 19, 2017 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

Go Monkey, Go! But not to Townsville. This time you’re going to Edo, to be a Superstar.

Edo Superstar

If you have ever wanted to be a superstar ninja monkey, this may be just the ticket. You have been trained (a little bit) by a ninja cat.  Her friend ninja wolf is not very happy you want to leave to seek your fame and fortune, but a monkey’s gotta do what a monkey’s gotta do, right?

As you run for your life, you run into a rat who offers to be your trainer and manager because all up-and-coming young talent needs a manager. Besides, your new manager gives you tips between levels. The initial tutorial covers the two types of actions you will take most often: moving and attacking. To move, simply swipe the screen and you can hop to the left or right, jump, duck, or roll. To attack, simply tap the screen. A tap above you will strike high, a tap near the ground will strike low—you get the idea.

Edo Superstar

Here’s where we get into a concern. The game seems to have some trouble telling a tap from a swipe; not all the time, but enough to cost a few hits here and there. There have been a few times I tried jumping up and to the right, but my monkey jumped left. This may be due to some weird way I’m playing, but it is still a bit frustrating when your player doesn’t do what you told it to do. I have also seen a lot more of the iOS swipe up menu (airplane mode, Bluetooth, flashlight, AirDrop, etc) than ever before.

Once you get into the swing of things you can have some real fun beating up some pigs (no, really, the first level is a bunch of pigs). There are some patterns of attack you might spot which are good for getting in a good shot or two. If you can land five hits in quick succession you can swipe your opponent for a special attack which gains you some fame points.

Edo Superstar

As your fight your way through the round, your special attack meter will fill up and let you unleash all your monkey madness with one of the special attacks you have unlocked.

The game also has a three star round completion rating, and you can fight through a round repeatedly so you can improve your score. By the way, don’t forget to pick up any goodies you see the game drop for you, like a bowl of rice or some coins; the food can be used to increase your health meter during battle and the coins can be used to buy food items, temporary stats improvement medallions, or upgrades to your outfit (hey, a superstar should look the part…).

So Here It Is:

Edo Superstar is a fun fighter with some nice Japanese imagery and music. The controls could be a little better, but they function well enough. Seeing everything and getting good control on the iPhone screen can be a bit touchy sometimes, but it still has decent playability, not to mention the decency to black-bar the pigs in the hot tub (nobody wants to see that). The action can be fast and furious, but the game will caution you to try to plan your hits—a little timing and strategy is a good thing in this game. All things considered, Edo Superstar is a good addition to your list of mobile games.

Genre: Fighting/action
Seller: CleaverSoft, LLC
Requirements: iOS 9.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: $1.99 (with in-app purchases)
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store

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