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Published On May 25, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Truth be told, I’ve spent some time in the hole. Granted, it was only long enough for me to ask my wife if she wants to make out and for her to reply, “No,” while on a tour of the Mansfield Reformatory, but I’ve done it nonetheless.

Now, we’ve got the chance to spend as much time in solitary as needed (or at least to send other people there instead) thanks to Prison Architect: Mobile, a new game for iOS from Paradox Interactive. This port of the BAFTA award-winning management simulation game from Introversion Software challenges players to design, build, and maintain their own maximum security prison.

prison architect mobile

Lay out cell blocks and prison facilities, manage staff pay and prisoner morale…it’s everything you’d want to do with a prison other than have Andy Dufresne to do your taxes.

Prison designs will include basic necessities like cells, canteens, guard rooms, and infrastructure, but players can also include features like solitary confinement, workout areas, and even an execution chamber. Careful consideration and strategy will be required to keep prisons operating and growing — and avoiding budget shortfalls or violent riots. Players can begin the game for free and play through the game’s opening campaign chapter, with more challenges and storylines available in additional chapters via in-game purchase.

Prison Architect: Mobile will task you with:

  • building and managing a prison to house a variety of different prisoners,
  • juggling inmate needs with security concerns, infrastructure, and the ever-looming budget,
  • and keeping control of floods, fires, fights, and full-blown riots

Campaign Mode features a story that will help you learn new prison-building techniques and get to know life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and objectives, and you’ll be able to unlock more Campaign chapters with one-time purchases.

No worries about those IAPs, though; the initial download is free, allowing you to serve your time before you decide if you need to extend your sentence. For more information, visit

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