Prepare ye: Dungeon Rushers coming soon to Steam Early Access

Published On April 18, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

I’m not entirely sure what it means to be a “heroic-parody tactical RPG,” but we’ll all be able to find out when Dungeon Rushers hits Steam Early Access on May 11th.

Dungeon Rushers

What I do understand in the meantime is that Dungeon Rushers is a 2D tactical RPG that combines aspects of the classic dungeon crawling and turn-based combat. I also understand that it’s about Elian, a toilet cleaner who aspires to a better life and joins the (almost) noble community of dungeon looters. That kind of means he gives up his low-income employment and turns to a life of crime, right? This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if we had a livable minimum wage in this country.


Experience a single player campaign full of humor and surprises, with over 20 hours of gameplay! Explore more than 70 dungeons infested with monsters guarding piles of plunder in 4 different environments (crypt, mountain, jungle and desert)!
Recruit 9 adventurers with unique skillsets to expand your team. Choose the best combination to overcome the traps and monsters lurking in the darkness!

As one would expect from an RPG, there’ll be plenty of character leveling, item crafting, and challenge completing as you seek to discover the epic treasures that await you. But also, you can create your own dungeons and share them with other players.

Dungeon Rushers

Extend even more the Dungeon Rushers experience by making your own dungeons and challenging your friends to escape unharmed. Watch their progress and don’t hesitate to mock your friends!

Using the simple, intuitive tools, select your dungeon theme, then make your choice among thirty different monsters and a hundred traps that can be placed in your dungeon to stop any adventurers laying hands on your treasure!

The game won’t be released until May 11th, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t head over to Steam right now to check it out. Unless, of course, you’d rather just go to

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