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Published On March 14, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

I suppose it doesn’t make sense that there’d ever be a PleasantBane. If you’ve got a bane, it kind of has to be evil, or at least annoying.

And so, we’ve now got EvilBane: Rise of Ravens, which Netmarble has just opened up for pre-registration. The company promises, “unsurpassed graphics on par with PC games,” utilizing cinematic quality action and solid storytelling to immerse players into the rich world of this action RPG. Of course, what’s an RPG with rare weapons, and those who pre-register will get a free rare one once the game is released.


EvilBane was released as RAVEN in regions of Asia last year, and surpassed over one million daily users in the first 40 days and five million downloads within the first 78 days, becoming the top grossing game in Korea’s App Store and Google Play combined last year. You may wonder what all the fuss is about, and that’s what press releases are here for:

EvilBane’s storyline begins with a mysterious legacy, passed down from generation to generation. The story speaks of humans discovering a way to enchant gear with power via the Heavenstones.

According to the tale, the Heavenstones’ power grew with the use of these powerful crystals until they were able to imbue power to their physical bodies. The sages of yore threw a blanket of secrecy over all that related to the history and use of the Heavenstones and took great pains to hide their existence all over the world. The story continues twenty years after the conclusion of the Guardians War, when the mighty hero, Sir Dominion, finally returns to Matera with his trusted disciple. And so, with the help of EvilBane players around the world, the story begins again.

Of course, bulleted feature lists are always helpful, too:

  • EvilBane remains faithful to the classic game mechanics of traditional action RPGs, utilizing animation specific to each character and each weapon.
  • EvilBane has surpassed the limitations of the Unity engine through more realistic and detailed graphics. Boasting unsurpassed graphics on par with PC games. EvilBane is hard-hitting action never before seen in mobile games.
  • The world of EvilBane has a collection of gear that consists of a total of 1,200 types for its three main characters: Luke, Khara, and Vango. Players can enjoy collecting and upgrading gear due to each gear having its own distinct look as well as characteristics.
  • In EvilBane’s raid mode, the bosses are configured with advanced AI that make them unpredictable, allowing for players to utilize non-targeting skills and enhance the enjoyment of the battle.
  • EvilBane offers two types of PvP. The first is the Arena, where players can battle other players to determine the ultimate champion. Furthermore, players can challenge friends and show off their skills and gear. Guild Battle is a fight for the honor of one’s guild. All guild members are given the opportunity to join the battle in which up to 18 players can participate. The Guild Battle’s ranking system motivates players to fight for their guild.

For more information on EvilBane: Rise of Ravens (and to claim that rare weapon), visit

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