Pre-order Antihero for Mac, visit a gas-lit Victorian underworld

Published On February 17, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

The good folks at Versus Evil sure do know how to find the good ones, don’t they? In partnership with independent developer Tim Conkling, they’ve announced that the turn-based strategy digital board game, Antihero, is available now for pre-order.

In Antihero, players take on the role of a Master Thief and have to employ a number of underhanded and ruthless tactics to dominate each territory before their opponent does. Those who preorder will get to start off with a fun twist, as they’ll get first DLC pack—”The Book Club” Master Thief Character Pack—for free. This pack contains skins based on four characters from the books you read in high school: Miss Alice, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Sherlock Holmes, and Tiny Tim.

antihero book club

They’re all a perfect match for the game’s gas-lit Victorian underground setting, and hey…isn’t it great to see Scrooge and Tiny Tim getting along?

In Antihero players can test their thievery skills in campaign mode or challenge friends in the highly competitive timed ‘Live Match’ and regular ‘Casual Match’ multiplayer modes to see who’s the top thief!  Operating in a gas-lit Victorian city overrun by corruption and greed your task is to manage your thieves’ guild, recruit street urchins, hire gangs, steal everything and bribe, blackmail and assassinate your way to victory!  The game is currently in First Access on and is scheduled to launch later this spring on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Assassinate your way to victory? On second thought, I didn’t expect that heel turn from Tiny Tim.

The standard edition of Antihero will run at $14.99, but Versus Evil also announced the availability of a Deluxe Edition for die-hard thieves and evildoers. For $19.99. players will get the complete game plus the official soundtrack by musician Harry Mack with a contribution bonus track by Steven Gregan. The Deluxe Edition will retail for $19.99.

And though they may be Antiheros, they will like to do some good for the world. Antihero currently headlines the bill for Versus Evil’s recent Charity Clash livestreamed heats, which are taking place between now and PAX East (10-12th March). Finalists are playing each other to win a $10,000 donation for their charity, and during this time the streamers are encouraging fans to donate to the charity they are representing.

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