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Published On October 26, 2015 | By Erica Marceau | Macintosh

This weekend we gave you a list of spooky games for iPhone and iPad to keep you haunted through Halloween. But when it comes to big scares, the big screen of your MacBook or iMac is the way to go.

Some great new Mac-compatible horror games were launched in 2015, and here’s Public Access Gaming’s list of the ones most likely to scare the bejeezus out of you.

Dungeon Nightmares II: The Memory

Released only a few weeks ago, Dungeon Nightmares II: The Memory traps you in a randomly generated dungeon with monsters that act differently based on how you play. Most ominously, there’s no second chance to come back if you’ve been caught; once you die, you’re dead for good (or until the next playthrough, of course).

Dungeon Nightmares II

All you have to do is make your way to the exit and escape, a task made significantly harder by the monsters hiding in the darkness and the obstacles in your path (such as guillotines and lava pits). Put on a good pair of headphones, turn off the lights, and prepare for jump scares.

Dungeon Nightmares II: The Memory is available now on Steam for $8.99.


You wake to find yourself in an underwater laboratory with no memory of how you got there or what’s going on. You soon meet up with Caroline, and together you explore the underwater research station and discover what happened above and below the ocean’s watery depths.

SOMA game

While there are monsters you have to avoid, they aren’t the main focus of the game. SOMA is psychological horror with most of the scares coming from the questions you ask yourself and the answers you don’t want to accept. When all is said and done, you have to decide whether you’re also a monster and decide what it means to be human.

SOMA is available now on Steam, GOG.com, and Humble Bundle for $29.99.


Armed only with a camera, you infiltrate an asylum long thought to be abandoned only to find unimaginable horrors. Unable to fight back, you have to rely on stealth and well-placed lockers to avoid danger, but that won’t protect you from what you’ll see.


The graphics, sound effects, and music all combine to create an almost suffocating atmosphere of fear and being hunted. If you want to be truly terrified of just about everything, there are few horror games better than Outlast.

Outlast is available now on Steam, GOG.com, and Humble Bundle for $19.99 with DLC for $8.99 also available.

The Last Door

For a creepy story that slowly unfolds over several episodes as you unravel mystery upon mystery, The Last Door delivers in spades. Explore Victorian England for clues as to what went wrong with your friend and delve into a forgotten secret from your past that might have better left alone.

The Last Door

You’ll have to explore every scene for clues and solve puzzles with the items you find and information gleaned from people with whom you talk. It’s a game which requires quick thinking, not quick reflexes. If you want a slow-paced game with a spooky and creepy atmosphere, The Last Door is the game for you.

The Last Door is available as a collector’s edition on Steam, Humble Bundle, and GOG.com for $9.99. Or you can go to The Last Door’s website and buy each episode separately as well as playing two episodes for free.

Happy Halloween!

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