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Open up for This is the Police on July 28th

Published On July 5, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

I suppose one of the best things I can say about my life is that I’ve never heard the phrase, “This is the police,” when not preceded by “Who’s singing this?” Looks like that’s going to change for me later this month, however, when This is the Police—a strategy/adventure game from developer Weappy Studio—arrives on Mac.

This is the Police is a grim tale about a fellow named Jack who is counting down the final 180 days of his career. He’ll be facing “… the seediest, vilest, most dangerous criminals in Freeburg” during that time. Jack’s goal during this time is to get rich or die trying, and you’ll help him by working through hundreds of choices in the 25 hour story-driven game.

Dive into a world of crime, corruption, and intrigue. Whatever’s going down in Freeburg, Jack is always right in the middle of it, trying to make it through without getting himself shot or thrown in prison. Meanwhile, the daily mayhem should give you a little cover, while you scrape together a retirement fund. How far will Jack go? That’s up to you. Would you sell seized drugs to the Mafia, or trade favors with killers? How do you feel about bribes? Would you torture a lowlife to get information? And how many fellow cops will have to die, before you get what you want? In the end, it all comes all down to one question: how ruthless are you prepared to be – and are you ready to face the consequences?

Let’s take a minute to meet Jack, shall we?

Okay, no one’s saying predictability is a vice, Jack, but tough guys need tough things to say, I suppose.

This Is the Police will be available for digital download on PC, Mac and Linux for $14.99 via GoG and Steam. In the meantime, visit for more information.

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