Mrs. Kim takes you on a “roller coaster ride of randomness”

Published On June 3, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

There are many infinite runners in the app world. Too many, one would argue; the genre is so polluted that the granddaddy of all things that run is about to get pulled. But if you’ve been holding out for one that involves a Korean mother chasing down her dictator son to give him the punishment he deserves, your day has come.

Mrs. Kim

Developers Ben Ansah and Soo Youn have announced Mrs. Kim, an infinite runner that dares to wonder if a good spanking could save the world from nuclear war.

Mrs Kim is an addictive infinite runner game where you chase a naughty dictator through chaos and carnage to give him the discipline he deserves. He’ll launch missiles and mayhem at his mother to avoid being sent to bed with sore buttocks and no dessert, but don’t worry, as Mrs Kim comes equipped with rocket boots, sonic blasts and the awesome power of Kimchi. There’s nowhere for you to hide little boy, because it’s time for you to learn your lesson!

Before we get into a pointless debate over early childhood psychology and/or the stereotypical portrayal of Koreans, let’s let the developers weigh in the matter, shall we?

“Mrs Kim is based on the Korean idea of the Ajumma, a middle-aged mother you wouldn’t want to cross,” explained Sue Yoon. “And if my own mother is reading this, Mrs Kim is based on someone else’s mum. You wouldn’t know her, she’s from out of town.”

Don’t worry, Sue. I’m confident that your mother has never heard of Public Access Gaming.

Ben Ansah adds, “Sue and I lived in South Korea for four years, and whilst there I learned two important things: Koreans make the best food, and the most fearsome mothers.”

While the developers work this through with their close family, the Mrs. Kim app can take you on “… a roller coaster ride of randomness that will have you aching to play one more round to see if you can beat both a bad boy’s backside and your own high score.”

Mrs. Kim supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is available now for free in the iTunes App Store. For more information, visit

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