Moshi Venturo offers hardcore protection for hardcore gamers

Published On October 18, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Accessories, iPhone/iPad, Macintosh

From my point of view, laptop bags are to gamers what those steel gun cases are to spies—the ones where the dude flips the latches on the silver briefcase to reveal a bunch of neatly packed gun parts (or sword parts, if it’s a better movie). Gamers need that, too, because you never know when you’ll find yourself with some time for a quick Mac or iPad gaming session.

Moshi’s Venturo isn’t exactly spy-like in its design or construction, but with compartments for your iPad, MacBook, and even a 3DS, Vita or Mattel Electronics Football 2, it’ll make sure your entertainment options are all well-proctected and fully available.

Moshi Venturo laptop bag

The Venturo is available in two models with two color configurations each. Steel Blue and Charcoal Black will run you $119.99, while the Titanium Gray and Navy Blue options cost $149.95. As you can tell from the photos, our sample unit is the Navy Blue version, which offers some nicely contrasting orange(ish) and black accents. Moshi doesn’t explain on their website what the case is actually made of, which I find odd, but it appears to be a combination of faux leather for the accents and a rugged canvas for the bulk of the bag. Regardless, they do boast that the Venturo is wear- and weather-resistant, and that’s certainly the case. You should have no concerns with slinging this bag over your back in rain or snow.

The Venturo features some sturdy stitching, and the zippers, straps and clasps are all quite strong despite being fairly lightweight.

Moshi Venturo laptop bag

The bag doesn’t add too much stress to your shoulder when you’re wearing it (depending upon what you store inside, of course), but it is a bit bulkier than Moshi advertises; comfortable, but thick. And if you’re using either of the two hand straps to carry it, the shoulder strap will dangle loosely. I’d like to some way of attaching the shoulder strap to the bag or storing it inside a pocket when not in use.

Moshi Venturo laptop bag

Speaking of pockets, the exterior features a shallow compartment on the upper back, one on the bottom that stretches across the width of the bag, and two on the front. None of these have special pockets stitched inside, but offer quick access to various items. The interior has a padded area for your laptop that’s held in place with a Velcro strap, then a wider compartment with multiple side pockets to help you keep track of your smaller items such as pens/pencils, your mobile phone, and various accessories.

Moshi Venturo laptop bag

What I like about the Venturo is that it’s a great-looking bag that offers solid protection for your MacBook, iPad, and whatever else you game with. What I don’t like is that it can be unwieldy if you don’t use it the way they want you to, and that the zippers can be a bit stiff (that’s the price you pay for water resistance, I suppose).

$150 is a steep asking price, I know, but Moshi quality demands it. I recommend you try to get your hands on the $150 and $120 models to see what material/design you like best, but no matter which way you go you’re going to get a sturdy bag that you won’t mind carrying around even if gaming isn’t on your agenda.

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