Hands-on with Moshi’s Aerio messenger bag

Published On January 4, 2016 | By Aaron Kraus | Macintosh, Reviews

So you got a new MacBook over the holidays, and need a way to securely transport it? Moshi, as always, has an elegant and feature-packed solution for you: the Aerio messenger bag. With pockets inside of pockets and thoughtful features to keep you comfortably on the go for hours on end, I found the Aerio to be a suave accompaniment for all my digital gear.


There are bags that look like you’re about to go repelling down a cliff face, but Aerio ain’t one of them. Moshi’s design aesthetic with this bag is more fashion runway than outdoorsy. There are thoughtful touches like color-coordinated vegan leather (pleather) zipper stops and accents, and the subtly printed interior lining that resembles high end purses and luggage. The shoulder strap integrates a tech which Moshi calls ViscoStrap; you essentially get an elastic spring load on your shoulder strap to help alleviate strain.


More important are the small details Moshi’s gotten right, which include foldover edges on the main compartment for added protection, and the “trolley strap” out back. This slides over the handle of a wheeled suitcase, so for long schleps through the airport you can take a load off your shoulder.


Moshi’s also done some amazing things when it comes to the sheer physics of this bag, including putting the handle slightly lower so you can pick the bag up even if the front flap isn’t secured. The bottom is also reinforced and designed to keep the bag standing upright much like a briefcase.


In terms of storage, the Aerio was more than up to the task of hauling my gear, which includes: 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, 11″ MacBook Air, iPad mini, iPhone 6s Plus, VModa XS headphones, 45 watt MagSafe charger, iPad charger, pencil case with all my various cords/cables, lunch box, and about 10 candy canes (it was the holiday season!).


The exterior fabric is water repellant, while the bottom is capped in an even sturdier fabric.

While not the cheapest bag around, Moshi’s $149 price is more than justifiable. This bag nails the basics and delivers myriad perfectly executed tiny details like low-friction velcro so you won’t scratch or tear delicate things you put in the main compartment. You’ve got two equally handsome color choices: Charcoal Black or Titanium Gray, both designed to accommodate a laptop up to 15″.

Full product details and purchase options are available on Moshi’s website.

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