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Lord of Dice available for pre-order in the App Store

Published On January 5, 2018 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

I mainly mention this because I didn’t know you could do such a thing. Guess I’m out of the loop.

I also mention it because Lord of Dice is already available in Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan, where it has achieved around 2.5 million downloads. The expected release in North America and the Oceania territories is January 29th, but you can “pre-order” it in the App Store now for free.

Published by Kakao Games and developed by NGEL Games, Lord of Dice is a tactical RPG that incorporates hero collection and dice mechanics. Before we go into PR detail on that, here’s a quick video to help you see what you get:

If that doesn’t help, some old-fashioned text may do the trick.

In Lord of Dice, players navigate a tactical battle grid using a team of heroes known as Dicers. Each Dicer has unique stats and abilities players can utilize to to defeat monsters and adapt to any situation. Landing on an enemy occupied space triggers a Dice Battle — a risky move that can greatly alter the tide of battle. Featuring more than 200 collectible Dicers, players can experiment with different party builds until they find the right balance that matches their playstyle.

Lord of Dice uses a stunning hand-drawn visuals and a compelling story inspired by Japanese anime to immerse players in a rich fantasy world. Players who want to break out of the story can take the game online and challenge other players in intense player-vs-player battles or try and complete brutal raids and tough daily challenges. It is the first title from NGEL Games, a studio founded by world champions of the Guild Wars competitive circuit, who set out to develop a game that they would want to play.

You can learn more about Lord of Dice by following the game on Facebook. If you’re already sold, prepare your download now in the App Store and pre-register at www.lordofdice.com.

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