Let’s meet the new killer princes of Phantom of the Kill

Published On November 18, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

We’re rapidly approaching the release of Gumi’s turn-based strategy RPG for iOS: Phantom of the Kill. That’s a very good thing, but this looks to be a top-notch game for fans of franchises such as Fire Emblem and Luminous Arc. We’re talking gift-quality material here, and that doesn’t often happen with mobile games.

Phantom of the Kill is a turn-based strategy game about a group of assassins on a quest to recover their lost memories (of course…always with the lost memories) in a world in which magic and technology collide with demons and otherworldly beings. The English-language website doesn’t have much material up yet, so you’re best bet to learn about the game is to watch some videos of the Japanese version on YouTube. What we do have right now are some details on three newly announced characters: Gambanteinn, Longinus and Yata no Kagami.

A Killer Prince manifest from a legendary lance, Longinus is driven by his desire to seek his own true strength on the battlefield. He is an unorthodox ascetic who only places his faith in words of his choosing, and no weaknesses will hold him back.

Phantom of the Kill - longinus

Stoic at heart, gun mage Yata no Kagami is devoted to honesty and the pursuit of truth. He detests the vague and unclear, and prefers everything to be matter-of-fact, which makes sense as he is the manifestation of a holy mirror that unveiled a legendary sun goddess.

Phantom of the Kill - yata no kagami

Easy-going and mysterious, those around Gambanteinn can never tell what he is thinking. He is the manifestation of the staff said to have been wielded by the All-Father Odin. This history may be the source of his confident and nonchalant attitude towards combat. In battle he does indeed dodge every blow, seemingly taking no damage at all.

Phantom of the Kill - gambanteinn

Those interested in the game (and really, why wouldn’t you be?) can pre-register at phantomofthekill.com to access some unannounced in-game rewards.

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