KEMCO RPG Revenant Saga now available for Mac

Published On March 2, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

Japanese publisher KEMCO has been releasing excellent old-school JRPGs for mobile devices for quite some time now, most of which have made it to iOS. But if you prefer to play your games the way God intended—sitting at your desk in front of an iMac—KEMCO is starting to support you, too. The latest proof is the release of Revenant Saga, now available on Steam.

revenant saga

A classic-style JRPG, Revenant Saga provides the player with “… powerful skills with brilliant effects [to] enhance the gaming experience like never before! And with auto and semi-auto functions, battles are as simple as the touch of a button!”

Touch of a button? Well, that’s what you get with a Mac game that’s updated from its original mobile version. Not to worry, though. The turn-based combat should be easy to handle with whatever is your preferred Mac gaming input.

Now, as for the game itself:

After his childhood friend’s parents are stricken with the plague, Albert meets one Dr. Moreau, and agrees to participate in a trial experiment for the promise of a potential cure. However, when the experiment itself proves to be a facade for turning humans into revenants and the Rystorian Order suddenly intervenes, Albert is left with the soul of a demon inside him vying for control of his body. Realizing the same mad scientist who tricked him is also responsible for his childhood friend’s death and many others close to him, he sets out on a journey alone to exact revenge on the man who ruined his life…

However, after crossing paths with revenant hunter slash potential valkyrie, Esther, and being pushed into joining her cause, Albert begins to seriously wonder if or how long he will be able to keep his secret from his new companion. To make matters worse, she has been endowed with the very powers capable of vanquishing those like him!

Oh boy. You just know there’s going to be plenty of wonderful JRPG melodrama on this journey! And you also know that Albert’s “secret” will lead to some unique battle element:

Transforming in battle morphs characters into more powerful beings. While in this state, damage dealt increases, damage received decreases, and new, powerful skills become available. The crux of this, however, is the inability to restore HP or revive a swoon party member. This makes it critical to monitor HP at all times and untransform if necessary.

Revenant Saga is currently on sale for $8.99 on Steam. For more information, visit, or check out the iOS version in iTunes.

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