iPhone, iPad to get Titanfall (of sorts)

Published On October 29, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Apple gamers who never saw a Mac version of the popular multiplayer first-person-shooter Titanfall when it was released for PC and Xbox last year may take some solace in the announcement that Nexon and Respawn Entertainment are developing “several” new mobile games from the Titanfall universe. The multi-game, multi-year partnership will produce its first iOS and Android Titanfall game in 2016.


All of the games will be original titles built specifically for smartphone and tablet devices. So, you’re not getting a port of the 2014 PC title, thank goodness; you’re getting new games set within the expansive sci-fi universe of Titanfall. The newly formed mobile game developer Particle City is the studio leading the development of the upcoming titles. How newly formed? Enough so that you have quite a few options to work there.

We don’t have any game details to get us excited yet, so we’ll just have to rely on the excitement of the creative team for now:

“As a player and fan of Titanfall, I am delighted to be working with the talented team at Respawn to bring the world of Titanfall to mobile and tablet,” commented Owen Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon. “Working closely with our partners at Respawn and Particle City we intend to build on the original game’s success and introduce millions of mobile gamers to the rich Titanfall universe.”

Personally, this is the type of announcement I like to see. Although I’ve never played Titanfall, I’ve always supported the idea of mobile/console integration within games, whether to simply expand the universe or to somehow provide rewards and achievements. The Titanfall mobile games should prove to be a great way to keep fans of the game connected, and to introduce new players to the series.

Now, let’s just hope we eventually get something like this out of the Nintendo/DeNA partnership for Fire Emblem…or is that asking too much?

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