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Published On April 20, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Hidden object games and the iPad are pretty much a perfect match. The portability of the tablet lends itself well to comfortable, casual gaming, while the screen is large enough that the objects don’t remain hidden due to poor eyesight. If you haven’t tried an HOPA (as the kids are calling them these days) or if you’re just ready for another, you’ll want to look towards G5 Entertainment’s The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure.

paranormal society

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure is, as the name would imply, a hidden object puzzle adventure that “… has all the best features of its forerunners but exceeds them in many ways.” The story serves are more than just an excuse to have you search your screen for items, focusing also on the characters and their relationships, as well as the game’s progression which is based on your decisions.

The game is set in 1890s London, where an invasion of malevolent phantoms is terrifying the city’s inhabitants. But will it stop a young lady who craves fame? She goes directly to the Head of Paranormal Society and takes her first steps towards becoming a ghostbuster herself. A witty and fearless student, she obtains the Badge of the Society very quickly and rushes into her investigations of stunning manors, where she must track down and imprison creepy ghosts and phantoms.

Key features of The Paranormal Society include:

  • Nine locations to search, each with multiple rooms
  • 14 characters to meet
  • 16 phantoms to chase and defeat
  • Over 300 quests to fulfill
  • Dozens of collections to assemble along your adventure
  • Four types of puzzles to master

In other words, there’s plenty to do here besides look for stuff. Whether that’s good or bad will be determined on if you prefer the hidden object or the puzzle adventure part of your HOPA.

Also, G5 says it’s free, but they offer in-app purchases. You’ve been warned.

For more information on The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure, visit www.g5e.com or head straight into the iTunes App Store.

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