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Published On September 30, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Apple TV, iPhone/iPad, Macintosh

Infinite Tanks may not be the type of resistance you want to face on the battlefield, but in the game world it sounds pretty good. That’s why we’re letting you know that Atypical Games (the developer that brought us Battle Supremacy and Sky Gamblers) announced yesterday that Infinite Tanks is available now on iOS, tvOS and macOS.

Infinite Tanks

Infinite Tanks features the high quality graphics for which Atypical Games is known, numerous single-player and multiplayer modes, and a deep customization system that allows players to tinker with the speed, strength and style of their tanks. In fact, the “infinite” part of the title comes from the game’s powerful personalization system, which uses virtual cards to represent each vehicle’s component parts.

The breadth of choice available for a given tank’s engine, body, track, turrets, and guns yields over 100 million unique vehicles, excluding aesthetic personalization options such as paint and accessories. With limitless customization at their fingertips, players can mix, match and swap cards with their friends to produce the perfect vehicle for every play style—from nimble speedsters to lumbering defensive machines to powerhouse gunners—and then test their creations in mano-a-mano multiplayer mayhem.

Check it out in the launch trailer.

Now, I’m not one to glorify war, but if I could paint my tank in Seattle Seahawks colors and use it to crush outdoor cafés and jump a line of cars all Evil Kneivel style, you’d bet I’d enlist!

Infinite Tanks

The press release would have you know that Infinite Tanks also features:

  • A sweeping single player campaign across a wide array of enormous environments
  • Six different maps, from lush tropical forests to bleak, arid deserts to flourishing metropolises, all lovingly rendered with crystal clarity
  • Hyper-realistic dynamic weather that changes based on the climate of a given in-game environment, down to the sun moving across the sky as time goes by
  • A brigade system for multiplayer warfare on a massive scale, where born leaders can take up the helm of Commander and lead their comrades into battle. Soldiers in a brigade can rise to the rank of officer, form platoons of road warriors, and even join the fray mid-battle to aid their allies
  • Unique custom games for both single and multiplayer, including King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch
  • A variety of vehicle classes and 60 levels of progression to hone each tank into the perfect weapon of war
  • Cross-platform multiplayer between iPhone, Mac and Apple TV

Infinite Tanks is available now for macOS and iOS with full cross platform play between them. Either version will run you $4.99 with no IAPs. For more information, visit

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