Icycle: On Thin Ice update offers new levels, optimism

Published On December 11, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

Icycle: On Thin Ice 2

Everything has a bright side, it would seem; even an ice-driven apocalypse. At least, that’s the motivation behind Icycle: On Thin Ice 2.0. You may recall from Icycle: On Thin Ice (and if not, you should…it’s a marvel of touch gaming) that Dennis’ quest for true love at the end of the world didn’t exactly go as planned, but 2.0 looks to help us see “The Bright Side.”

Equal parts hilarious, charming, immersive and heartbreaking, Icycle: On Thin Ice “The Bright Side” wraps up the story we love so much in a way that only the genius of indie developer, Damp Gnat could.

Along with more nude bicycling and its inherent hazards, Icycle: On Thin Ice 2.0 features:

  • The responsive and intuitive platform gameplay from the original release
  • Seven all new locations on the bright side of the apocalypse
  • An additional three more bonus levels from Dennis’ Scrapbook of Dreams
  • The ability to record and share your excellent journey into oblivion with the Replay Kit
  • New GameCenter achievements

Perhaps best of all, this isn’t a sequel to the original Icycle: On Thin Ice, it’s an update.

If you’ve already downloaded and played the game, simply grab the update (or reinstall it) and get busy. Those new to the game can grab it in the iTunes App Store for $2.99. In-app purchases are available, but I made it through the original without needing any.

For more information, visit chillingo.com.

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