Hitman arrives on Mac, free demo available

Published On June 21, 2017 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

When it comes to violence in video games, two schools are the most popular. You can achieve your objectives all Duke Nukem style by just grabbing the biggest guns and charging headlong into the fray, or you can get more creative and use stealth, cunning and the environment to (mostly) silently achieve your objectives.

If you prefer the latter, then you’ll want to check out Hitman – The Complete First Season by Io-Interactive. All six episodes of this critically-acclaimed creative stealth action game are now available for macOS and Linux courtesy of Feral Interactive, the publisher that also brought us Hitman: Absolution.


This time around…

As master assassin Agent 47, players will carry out contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. Each mission is set in a huge, intricate and heavily-populated sandbox level that offers players complete freedom of approach, challenging them to complete it in the most creative way possible.

From a glamourous Paris fashion show to Marrakesh’s bustling markets and on to a luxurious Bangkok resort, each of HITMAN’s locations is brimming with opportunities and secrets. Players will don disguises and create distractions to infiltrate restricted areas, then use weapons, found objects and environmental hazards to take out their targets and withdraw unseen.

Across the main episodes and bonus levels, players will:

  • Perform hits in six glamorous international locations, each with its own mission and set of challenges.
  • Explore each location to scope out the environment, then figure out how and when to take down your targets.
  • Don disguises, pick locks, distract witnesses, cause horrific accidents and withdraw unseen, or
  • Use found objects to cause bloody mayhem with anything from guns and garrottes to pipes, meat hooks, and a stuffed moose.
  • Discover the new Escalation contracts within each location. Escalation contracts add challenges each time you play them, ramping up the difficulty.
  • Watch out for Elusive Targets (one-off marks that may appear in any location). You have only one chance to eliminate them.
  • Mark your own target in Contracts Mode, and challenge other players to bring him or her down.
  • Play and replay each location to complete hundreds of optional challenges, unlocking new weapons and items.

Hitman – The Complete First Season includes all locations and three bonus missions, and is available now from Steam at the incredible sale price of $23.73. There, you can also download the free demo. For more information (including system specs), visit www.feralinteractive.com.

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