Headlander has landed on Mac

Published On November 23, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | Macintosh

Billed as a retro-futuristic action platformer, Headlander is a game whose title you need to take literally. Developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Adult Swim Games, the PS4 and PC title is now available for Mac and Xbox One, and it’s now DRM free on Humble Bundle.


Headlander is a side-scrolling adventure inspired by ’70s science fiction. You know, back before James Cameron destroyed style by turning the future into metal boxes and heavy machinery.

In a utopia gone wrong, everyone has transferred their consciousness into flawless robot bodies, living in a paradise now controlled by a deranged computer. To get to the bottom of what happened, you’ll have to use all you have left―that is to say, only your rocket-propelled disembodied head―rather creatively.

I suppose if I had to be left with just one thing, my rocket-propelled disembodied head would be a logical choice (after my wife’s tiramisu, anyway).

The Mac version of Headlander can now be downloaded for $19.99 at Steam, but why would you do that when a DRM-free version is on sale for $11.99 at Humble Bundle?

For more information on Headlander, visit .

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