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Published On August 12, 2016 | By Kirk Hiner | iPhone/iPad

If you prefer your action to be all side-scrolling, arcade-beat-em-up, fantasy/sci-fi style, Netmarble has a school in which you should enroll. They’re bringing the multiplayer action RPG ChronoBlade to iOS, and they’ve now opened up pre-registration which, as you’d expect, offers an exclusive launch event perk.


Before we get to that, here’s the game:

In ChronoBlade, players engage in battle as a member of “The Pact,” which is a collection of heroes from various worlds. The heroes have chosen to band together and fight against Chronarchs, the evil force that plots to destabilize the world of the Multiverse. Players are immediately entered into an interdimensional war, gain power and skill, forge weapons of ultimate power, and aim to defeat the Chronarchs in their home land.

The game features an easy navigation control system under a fixed camera angle, making it ideal to focus on the non-stop action battle during each combat. The short session length also contributes to the excitement, as players maneuver through the various hitting and blocking actions and show off their combo skills in PvP and Co-op modes. ChronoBlade, which was developed by star game developers that took part in titles including GTA, Lemmings, and Diablo, features 4 epic heroes and 5 worlds to play in. 

So, if you’re turned off by games that require you to collect (i.e. pay for) and level up (i.e. pay for) hundreds of heroes, it looks ChronoBlade will have a tighter focus in that regard while still offering the mulitplayer options you’ve come to expect.

Gameplay features ainclude:

  • Side-scrolling action RPG with a multi-player focus, offering PvP and co-op play options.
  • Skill-based, PvP combat with tons of awesome combos to win in a wide variety of challenges against enemies and bosses.
  • A mix of both fantasy and sci-fi themes offering detailed visuals in a highly expandable gameworld.
  • Five worlds worth of battles: Empyra, a steampunk word, ChronoPrime, homeland of the Chronarchs, Ragnarok, a special world based on Viking mythology, The Crossroads, a post-Apocalyptic desert wasteland, and R’Abbalak, a terrifying world filled with mythos-inspired monsters.

Four heroes make up the Pact that are fighting to protect the multiverse from the Chronarch Imperium, and the launch event allows you to vote for your favorite so you can obtain that costume when the game launches. Choose between:

  • Aurok may be among the greatest warriors on his world, but his supernatural power has made him the focus of suspicion and fear among his people.
  • Lophi, who knows the mysteries of the Multiverse better than anyone, also joins Aurok in the Pact.
  • Lucas hails from the clockwork world of Empyria and brings his skills as a sword fighter and brilliant Mechanimist to help defend world.
  • Thera was once a renowned commander on her world, Minova, but has now dedicated her life to seek revenge for her people, who were devastated by the Chronarchs.

ChronoBlade is expected to launch on both iOS and Android platforms. To learn more and to pre-register, visit chrono.netmarble.com.

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