Have any of you Beat Feral yet? Because we could use some tips

Published On November 5, 2015 | By Kirk Hiner | Gaming Talk, Macintosh

If I’m going to be totally frank, I have to point out I’m really not much of a multiplayer gamer. This is because I lose at the rate at which I’d always been taught to save: early and often. If I’m playing a strategy game, I need time to work through those strategies; I need turns. If I’m playing an action game, my strategy is usually just to run straight at my target (or back straight away from it) until I’m dead.

And yet, eventually, I plan to Beat Feral (or #BeatFeral as the kids are calling it).


I want to do this because I think it’s great what they’re doing here—bringing Mac (and/or Lynux) games together with the game’s developers/publishers to duke it for…bragging rights? Satisfaction? The Falkland Islands?

Feral Interactive is, of course, one of the top publishers of Mac and Linux games, bringing us everything from Batman to Total War to XCOM to a whole pile of LEGO games. If you want to beat them at their own game, however, you’re going to want to grab Company of Heroes 2, a military strategy game that allows you to:

Direct your troops through fast-paced real-time battles in the brutal fight to turn the tide of World War II. From the desperate defence of Stalingrad to victory in Berlin, you must defeat a tenacious enemy and the deadly cold of the Russian winter.

Objective-based missions challenge you to maneuver soldiers, guns, and tanks across feature-rich environments to scope out the battlefield, secure targets and destroy enemies. Navigate the hazardous terrain, take advantage of cover and overcome the freezing temperatures and treacherous ice that can make the difference between crushing defeat and hard-won victory.

You’ll then want to practice, maybe watch one of their previous losses to build your confidence…

…then head over to Feral Interactive to get details on the next battles: November 19th for Linux gamers, December 2 for Mac gamers. I’ll begin my training soon after Black Friday when I upgrade to a new iMac that doesn’t immediately guarantee my loss, so I’m afraid I won’t have completed my basic training by December. But come early 2016, or thereabouts, I’ll join the frontlines and continue to lose early and often.

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