Hands-on With the Moshi MetaMount System for iPad

Published On December 7, 2015 | By Aaron Kraus | Accessories, iPhone/iPad

Moshi’s always been one of my favorite iDevice accessory makers because they put such a heavy focus on practicality. Apple’s gear is minimalist and beautiful in product videos, but sometimes it needs a little bit more to be truly useful. Moshi’s new MetaMount system is the perfect example, giving you the ability to take your hands free in a host of new places.


The main accessory in the MetaMount system is the MetaCover, which is basically the awesome VersaCover with a little trick hanging out back: the detachable MetaMount. More on that in a minute. The MetaCover a hard shell that covers/protects your entire iPad, combined with a leatherette outer cover.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

The genius of the MetaCover is its foldable flap. When flat, it serves as a magnetic screen cover/protector that can sleep and wake an iPad by opening or closing. Fold it back, however, and things get interesting. The same magnets that let your iPad snooze snap together to make a pretty ingenious stand that lets you position your iPad in one of three orientations: horizontal movie/browsing, horizontal typing, or portrait.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

That the folded cover has the elegance of an origami crane is an added bonus.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

The MetaCover is compatible with iPad Air 2, comes in black, and retails for $74.99.

Mount Up

The MetaCover consists of a hard shell and separate folding case, with a magnetic locking system that holds the two together. Swivel the iPad 45º, however, and the hard shell comes out of the folding case. This allows you to dock the still-protected iPad in one of Moshi’s mounting docks. They provide a number of benefits, chief among them handsfree use with a variety of positioning options.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

Both the Magnet Mount and Wall Mount offer the same functionality, but are designed for use on different surfaces. The Magnet Mount quickly found a home in my kitchen, but I was also able to use it at my desk where I have a metal shelf above the main desk surface. When mounted there I could swivel my iPad to use as a second screen alongside my MacBook, either for streaming Netflix in the background or keeping a game walkthru open in Safari.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

The magnets in the Magnetic version are strong enough to hold the iPad in place even when you type on it or swivel, while the Wall Mount offers a more permanent mounting solution using either adhesive or screws. Both mounts offer a unique hinged swivel design, so you can swivel your iPad through 30º to angle the screen. You can also rotate the iPad between portrait or landscape using the connection port. Both mounts feature a mounting plate that you apply to a wall/surface, then the main dock body which slides into place.

Moshi MetaCover for iPad

The Magnet Mount is $49.95 and the Wall Mount is $39.95, and both are compatible with the MetaCover for iPad (which is required).

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