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Published On September 2, 2016 | By David Temple | iPhone/iPad, Reviews

Guild of Dungeoneering

Versus Evil has a nifty little game that has been available at Steam for a while, and now you can get it for iOS. In fact, it’s already been expanded via the Pirates Cove expansion pack, which “…includes 30% more game with a brand new pirate themed region complete with 3 new dungeoneer classes to quest with, 23 new monsters to defeat and 27 new items to equip.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Guild of Dungeoneering offers a blend of card-based gameplay and dungeon crawling, the twist being that you are a dungeon master laying down rooms, monsters, and treasure to entice the dungeoneer along the path you want him/her to travel. As you defeat monsters you get loot in the form of armor, weapons, and sparkly headbands (more handy than you might think).

Visually, the game takes inspiration from notebook doodles with intentionally kiddie-looking dungeoneers. The dungeon background is old school graph paper and the monsters look a bit like stuffed animals, but it all comes together well.

Guild of Dungeoneering

As you’d expect, there are some tricks to getting things to play out the way you want them to. Your dungeoneer will go after treasure or monsters of his own level first; if there is nothing enticing close by, the dungeoneer may head off in the “wrong” direction. This gets important on some levels where you have only a few rounds to reach an objective. Also, pay attention to your deck of action cards—there are some strategies to “play vs. hold” you should use to maximize damage/defense.

The path through the dungeon depends on the room cards you get, and these are dealt at random. This makes some of the more turn restricted objectives a bit difficult to achieve in one (or two or three…) attempts.

Guild of Dungeoneering

There is no run away button, so you just have to play it out. On the up-side, you can at least gather some gold for your next round of upgrades.

I only experienced one really odd glitch: I had already created the ranger camp, but the game seemed to forget for a while and only let me play the bruiser and the cat burglar. I was preparing to purchase the upgrade again when the problem seemed to resolve itself. Odd, but not a real worry.

All things considered, Guild of Dungeoneering is a good game (that doesn’t require an Internet connection to play…yea). And since you don’t have to roll up a new character sheet with each dungeoneer, it’s fun to play as you watch the graveyard get filled.

Genre: Turn-based RPG card game
Seller: Gambrinous, Ltd.
Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Price: $4.99
Availability: Now at the iTunes App Store
Grade: B

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